Easy Hair Care Routine With ENN

If you devote all of your attention to following a 10-step skincare routine, it’s time your hair gets a share of it too. A healthy hair care routine is as important as a skincare regime. Maintaining your hair health ensures your scalp is free from infections and your strands from any unforeseen damage. If Rapunzel’s luscious locks have been a dream you never worked for, this is your sign to take things in control.  Ahead lies an easy-to-follow hair care routine that will keep your mane strong, shiny ,and problem-free. Keep reading!

  • Pamper Your Hair With An Oil Treatment

Turns out, champi is actually the second best thing on earth. Your mum doing it for you is always the first! The first step towards achieving an enviable cascade of locks is including a nourishing oil in your hair care routine. Regular oil massages not only provide a moisture boost to the roots but also promote blood circulation that leads to hair regeneration. Now you understand why our mummies and grannies have been blessed with the strongest hair strands?

  • Cleanse Your Hair The Right Way

Shampooing every day to keep your hair clean is a myth that needs to be busted. In fact, going OTT with hair cleansers that are not sulfate or paraben-free can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to breakage and frizz. To keep your mane protected, clean and bouncy, we recommend trying our Re Flax Hair Repair Shampoo. Enriched with the power of flax seed oil, this shampoo is a boon for dry, brittle, and damaged hair that needs extra love and attention. 

  • Don’t skip conditioners 

Even if you are in a hurry, we urge you never to skip past your hair conditioner post shampoo. If you struggle taming your hair, make sure you are always following up with a conditioner post shampoo. Conditioners like our Re Flax Hair Repair Conditioner are enriched with hair-loving ingredients like flax seed oil and almond oil that seal and trap moisture into the hair follicles, thus putting an end to dry hair shafts.

  • Make Hair Masks Your Best Friend

For the best hair care routine, keep your cleansers close but your hair masks closer! Conditioning your hair to optimum levels replenishes its lost moisture, restores a healthy scalp, and keeps the frizz and the fuss away. Our Keratin Custard Frizz Control Hair Mask is a sure-shot way to level up your hair game. Fortified with hair care maestros like keratin and silk protein, this hair mask also contains the famed hyaluronic acid to add unmatchable brilliance and shine to your hair.

  • Use The Right Hair Tools 

Did you know using the wrong hair drying towel or hair comb could lead you to a hair disaster? For a healthy hair care routine, be conscious about your hair drying methods. Rough towels are a big no, so are combs that tend to pluck out hair while brushing. We recommend using flat brushes, wooden wide tooth combs and boar-bristle brushes for keeping your hair smooth and detangled. 

  • Avoid Excess Heat

Relax with the heat styling, pals! It’s your hair, not a cake! If you frequently resort to hair styling tools like straighteners, hair dryers, and curling tongs, we suggest giving your hair a break from them. If you absolutely cannot do without them, limit their use to a minimum and always use a heat protectant to shield your hair.

  • Opt for the right styling products 

If you have been on the hunt for a styling product that stops hair damage right in its tracks, your search ends here. Include our Re Flax Jello Frizz Control Hair Styling Gel in your hair care routine to flaunt slick and oomphy wet hair looks without worrying about your mane. With the power of keratin proteins, aloe vera, and flax seed, this au naturel hair gel doubles up as a hair mask too. Now isn’t that a total win-win situation for your hair?

Apart from following this hair care routine to the T, try these DIYs too for healthy, strong, and shiny hair.

  • Make an oil cocktail of coconut oil, olive oil, and neem oil and leave it on overnight to keep your scalp clear from fungal infections and dandruff.
  • Try mixing equal parts of apple cider vinegar with water and use it as a hair rinse to get silky smooth and shiny hair.
  • Prepare a homemade mask of yogurt and eggs to revive limp and flat hair.
  • Amla and shikakai are hair boosters, so make sure to mix the two together and apply them as a paste on your hair and scalp.

Follow these tips to achieve your #hairgoals in no time!


  1. Is this hair care routine suitable for all hair types?
  2. Yes, this hair care routine can be followed by all, irrespective of their hair type.
  3. Can I follow this for a long hair care routine?
  4. Yes, you can follow this hair care routine for hair growth and reducing hair loss.
  5. Can this hair care routine be followed by teenage girls?
  6. Women and men of all age groups can easily follow this hair care routine to maintain sound hair health.


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