Curry Leaves Magical Hair Benefits, No One Told You About!

Long and luscious locks are something every girl craves for. It not only makes you look attractive and pretty but also improves the overall health of body. Hair fall, damaged hair, frizzy hair and unhealthy hair are a few of the most common hair problems associated with people and the reasons behind this may be anything, from improper diet to improper health and hygiene. However, Enn’s Closet has brought to you an effective natural remedy capable of getting rid of these problems – Curry Leaves.

1. Prevents Premature Greying:
The best way is to use the plant at home. It is important to keep this curry leaves washed and in a completely dried form so as to soak in oil. They work wonderfully well in conditioning and nourishing the hair. It gives your hair the perfect shine and nourishment. Enn’s Closet has brought for you all natural and organic Mustard Oil with Curry Leaves, that will lead to the healthy growth of hair.

2. Stimulates Hair Growth:
Take ample amount of curry and neem leaves and mix them with yogurt to make a paste and use it as a hair mask. Apply them on your hair and wait for 20 minutes. Once it is done, wash them off with water (preferably warm) and shampoo. Use this mask regularly so as to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote the growth of hair.

3. Fresh Leaves are the Best:
Curry leaves are best when used fresh, they have a decent life span. Hence they can also be placed in a refrigerator for future use. However make sure you do not take them off the refrigerator for a long time, as this will make them spoilt.

4. Repairs damaged Roots:
The roots of our hair may get damaged due to various reasons like chemical treatments, pollution etc. Due to the abundance of essential nutrients, curry leaves can effectively repair damaged roots. The best method is to apply them directly onto the scalp. stronger, hair growth will speed up automatically.

5. Reduces Hair Fall:
Mix 2-3 curry leaves with a few drops of milk. Apply this paste onto your hair and wait for half an hour. After that wash it off and clean your hair as usual. This process, if followed regularly, will prevent hair fall to a great extent.

6. Curry leaves in diet:
Implementing curry leaves to your diet will internally help in stimulating the scalp and hair health. It will lead to the natural and healthy growth of hair by fighting against dandruff and promoting a healthy scalp.

Tips to Remember

While using curry leaves, your hair may feel a bit sticky because of the natural constituents of the leaves. This is completely normal and once your hair completely dries up, you will be able to comb and adjust it easily. So it’s not at all a big deal if the results are going to be really effective.

This Blog is brought to you by Enn’s Closet, A beauty brand that puts your health First!


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