Bid Bye to Bad Beauty Habits!!

Prevention is better than cure. Your dry hair, unhealthy skin, fragile nails could be because of your practicing bad beauty habits. Enn’s Closet has brought for you this article about most observed bad beauty practices. Break these bad beauty habits and see the drastic change in your looks.

1. Not Removing Your Makeup: This is perhaps the major bad beauty habit. It not only clogs your pores but also leads to breakouts and pimples.

  • Before sleeping: Cleanse all traces of makeup, oil, and grime before bedtime to keep your face skin flawless and complexion clear. Pores that are left clogged while you sleep cause flaring up of rashes, pimples and skin allergies.
  • Before you work out: Wash your face before you start doing any exercise, whether at home or at the gym. Makeup blocks pores and prevents sweat from escaping resulting into pimples.

2. Popping Pimples: This is another most seen bad beauty habit. Do not ever try to remove your blackheads, whiteheads or pimples with your nails or fingers. Doing so can cause scarring, and moreover, the oil/grime from your fingers can also lead to more acne.

3. Touching your face: Try to avoid touching your face with dirty hands, especially if you play with your hair a lot. When you touch your face with hands, you transfer whatever is on your hands onto your face, like oil and grime which can cause blemishes and aggravate your acne problems. This is again a bad beauty practice which most women are seen to indulge in.

4. Bad Hair Combing Habits:

  • Never try to untangle your hair by using a hair brush, as it leads to hair breakage. Use a wide toothed comb instead.
  • A common bad beauty habit is combing wet hair. As at this time hair roots are loose and at its most vulnerable stage. It increases your hair loss.
  • Another most observed bad beauty habit is sleeping at night without combing your hair. The natural oils sitting on your scalp do not reach evenly throughout your hair if you do not comb your hair before sleeping at night.

5. Over-heating your hair: Blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair damage your hair follicles. You may not be able to see it immediately. The damage to your hair adds up over time, eating away your hair shine and weakening the strands. Consider using a heat-protecting product while subjecting your hair to heat. You can also use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give your moisture deprived hair follicles some of their essential nutrients back.

6. Washing your hair every day: Do not wash your hair every day unless they are super oily. Washing daily dries out your hair.

This Blog is brought to you by Enn’s Closet, A beauty brand that puts your health First!logo2-11-04-58-am

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