5 Reasons Your Skin Will Love Clay Masks

Hailed as an effective skincare ingredient since the times of Queen Cleopatra, clay masks have proved their mettle when it comes to saving your skin. A popular skincare pick-me-up for oily skinned types, clay masks are also equally effective when it comes to combating dry, dull and sensitive skin issues. A raging beauty phenomenon of today, using a
clay mask for face is now a viral Instagram and TikTok skincare trend. As a part of the beauty community we have been mighty impressed with this skincare ritual too. Hence we decided to share the benefits of using a clay mask for your skin and the best clay mask suggestions we have for you! 

1. Clears Impurity Build-Up

As a city dweller, exposure to dirt, dust and pollution is inevitable. Add sticky oily skin to the mix and you have the perfect breeding ground for a number of skin concerns. Clay mask for face aim at seeping deep into the skin to offer all-round exfoliation. They penetrate beyond the skin surface and clarify lingering dirt build-up to reveal fresh and detoxified skin. 

To welcome back your skin’s lost radiance try our Litt Up Ubtan Glow Mask. Unarguably the best clay mask for all skin types, this skincare marvel is powered with the cleansing properties of fuller’s earth and ayurvedic skin-loving ingredients like turmeric and sandalwood. Also packed with urad dal, yoghurt and rose water, this gem showers some serious TLC for your skin.

2. Brightens Your Complexion

Lack of proper exfoliation often leads to dead skin cell accumulation that makes us end up with dry, dull and flaky skin. Clay masks can be your best resort to slough off a dullard and lack lustre complexion. Apart from brightening up your complexion, clay masks rejuvenate your skin and leave you with a youthful glow. 

To banish blemishes, tan lines and a slew of other skin problems, try our Sculpt De-Tan Clay Mask. Infused with kaolin clay, bentonite clay and antioxidant rich tomato and licorice extracts, this clay mask refreshes your skin for a LIT AF radiant glow!

3. Refines Clogged Pores

Trust us when we say clogged and enlarged pores can be one of the biggest skin ordeals you will ever deal with. Excess sebum production, which is a clear indication of oily skin, can lead to blocked pores on your skin which hinders any skin progress. Clay masks unclog pores and clear off skin congestion to leave you with problem-free, smooth skin. 

To fix open enlarged pores, we recommend using our Black Friyay Pore Cleansing Face Mask. One of the best clay masks for oily skin, this skincare wonder is formulated with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, aloe vera and turmeric that refines pores, draws out impurities and leaves skin squeaky clean. Brownie points for the coconut and cucumber oil infusion that ensures your skin isn’t left dry or dehydrated. 

4. Fights Acne

If you are an oily skinned beauty, you would know the nightmares of dealing with acne. Since oily skin is characterised by an excess oil production, acne flare ups and breakouts are a common misery. Whether you are looking to regulate sebum production or stopping acne in its tracks, both kaolin clay and bentonite clay count as the best clay mask for oily skin. 

5. Boosts Stressed Skin

Oxidative damage caused by environmental aggressors and harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can be detrimental for your skin health. Tell-tale signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines often show up due to these factors. 

Using a clay mask like our Berry Bang Anti-Ageing Clay Mask promotes oxygen and blood circulation in your skin which leads to cell regeneration. The best clay mask out there for anti-ageing, this kaolin clay-fuller’s earth blend comes filled with age reversing ingredients like cherry blossom and sweet almond oil which have antioxidant properties. 

With these natural touches in your skincare regime, expect to combat all skin concerns like a pro!

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