Never Repeat These Makeup Mistakes! NEVER!!

If you wear makeup, chances are you’ve committed a few makeup mistakes. Some, you may have corrected. Some, you might not even know about. But the more you know, the better your makeup will be. In that spirit, check out the common missteps ladies make when it comes to painting their faces.

1. Choosing incorrect foundation shade: The incorrect foundation shade is a problem which every woman faces. Testing any foundation on the hand or wrist as if that will magically show the perfect shade is just a myth, and no matter how closely you think your face and hand’s shade match, they usually don’t. As result, this makeup misstep will be written all over your face — especially if you’re outside in broad daylight. It is something which can destroy your entire makeup game.

2. Clowning around: Blush can be a beautiful way to add a youthful glow to your complexion while softly highlighting the cheekbone area. However, the blush should look as natural as possible. It shouldn’t be noticeable much. The mistake here is the mouth-to-ear blush stroke that looks like a line of color. Instead, lightly swirl a powder blush over the apples of the cheeks coming just a little on the higher side and blending well. It should look like a nice flush and nothing more.

3. You are probably wearing a lipstick that’s way too dark a color: In order to look youthful, you will want to make your lips look fuller, poutier, more likely to attract anyone’s attention. Darker colors have the opposite effect, however, and give your lips a thinner, less plump and quite a dull look. Go for something in the mauve or pink. Balance the lip shade with your skin tone and your lip’s structure.

4. Forgetting the Use of Moisturizers: The skin loses moisture into the atmosphere frequently and requires replenishing. This can come either from drinking a lot of water or from topical moisturizers that ensure you never have to worry about fine lines caused by dry skin again. As moisturizers replenish and rejuvenate your skin, so their application is a must. You can also go for a day or night cream according to your lifestyle and needs.

5. You May Be Forgetting About Those Brushes of Yours: Honestly, not many of us remember to clean our makeup brushes. We will use those things, wearing them out thin, but somehow keep forgetting to clean them as you would a paintbrush after any amount of use. This use of older, dirtier brushes and makeup sponges leads to not-so-fresh looks and even major breakouts if you’re not careful. You can use mild baby shampoo to clean your brush and make them last longer and cleaner.

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