WIPE OUT Minty Face Cleanser - 100 gm

with Mint, Almond & Rosemary Extracts

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A clean slate. A blank canvas. That‰۪s what our ‰Û÷Wipe Out‰۪ Chlorophyll Face Cleanser gives you. Infused with the goodness of Mint, Sage, Nettle and Rosemary, this delicious smelling cocktail of green will detox and freshen up your skin. This no-foam face wash is creamy and feels refreshing on the skin. It will soothe your sun-damaged skin, cool it down and helps reverse the aging caused by UV rays.åÊ

A tub of the Wipe Out Chlorophyll Face wash is our trusted companion on hot summer days and we take it to all our summer trips. Especially when we hit the beach or bask in the summer sun. The greens in this face wash helps reduce sun damage and brighten the skin.

This summer, avow to go green. The face wash is the foundation of your skincare routine. If your face wash is not 100% chemical-free, you are applying chemicals twice a day on the largest organ of your body. Switch up your cleansing routine and use Û÷Wipe Out Chlorophyll Face Cleanser which is chemical-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian.

Crafted from all-natural ingredients like chlorophyll, mint and clary sage leaves, this mild cleanser and scrub provide a deep yet delicate cleanse by gently removing impurities and build-up to leave you with clean and fresh-looking skin. Ideal for getting rid of pollutants and other impurities, this face cleanser can be used daily.

Regular use of this chlorophyll enriched face cleanser also leaves the skin bright, clean and smooth. Bursting with crushed mint leaves, it gently exfoliates the skin and helps in calming inflammation and reducing redness.
For best results, buy this face wash online along with Enn's (Enn's Closet) range of face creams and herbal and all-natural face serums to see quicker results.

The Enn (Enn's Closet) Promise
When you buy the Wipe Out Chlorophyll Face Cleanser online directly from Enn, you are ensured an authentic, herbal and natural product that is chemical-free and cruelty-free. We make your skin happy, naturally.

Key Ingredients How to Use

Green Mint Leaves:
Ayurveda lists many benefits of mint on your skin. Mint extract tones your skin, helps reduce acne, heals skin and soothes irritation and wounds. Additionally, it brightens skin, slows ageing and helps reduce those pesky dark circles. Mint is a star ingredient by all measures.

Sage Extract:
This soothing and fragrant herb needs no introduction. It makes your skin supple, smooth and firm over time. With the power of several different anti-oxidants, Sage also has the much sought-after beta-carotene which detoxifies and fights cancer.

Rosemary Extract:
Rosemary is packed with skin boosting benefits that are hard to find in just one ingredient. It helps repair sun damage, tightens skin, improves skin texture, clears acne, and fades and dark spots and marks.

Stinging Nettle Extract:
Nettle leaves thrive in almost any climate, so will your skin when you apply this pure and potent essence every day. Nettle also has an astringent quality, helps treat acne, is anti-inflammatory and treats eczema.

Rice-Bran Oil:
If there’s any proof that oily skin can revel in the luxury of rich and deep hydration without worsening the condition, rice-bran oil is it. Its gentle nature is also perfect for sensitive skin. It’ll dive deep into skin and nourish it.

Kaolin Clay:
This face pack is loaded with the highly absorbent kaolin clay. It’s perfect to prevent and reverse acne and is infamous for its intense detoxifying abilities.

Rich in Vitamin E, almonds are mild and have hypoallergenic properties which are perfect for sensitive skin. Almond is easy for your skin to absorb and is also known to help with uneven skin tone.

Wash your face with warm water. Take a pea-sized amount on damp hands and gently massage it on your face and neck. Splash water on your face to wash it away. Pro Tip: Leave the tub in the fridge for an hour. Apply it liberally on your face and neck. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes. Feel refreshed and get happy, supple skin in minutes.
Please do a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying all over.
For Best Results- Apply the pure rose water toner called Pre Game to tighten the pores. After that apply the Cherry Blossom Face Cream. Ideal for all skin types, this herbal and all-natural face cream melts on your skin the moment you apply it. It deeply hydrates and fills in the fine lines and wrinkles giving you a youthful glow from within. Give it 30 more seconds to soak in and the cream will make you look noticeably younger. The brightening concentrate face serum/primer is also a perfect alternative for dull and dehydrated skin. It helps in getting even, blemish free skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
tanya verma

This is my second tub, me and my sister we cant live without this cleanser

Akriti verma
love the minty fragrance

like the

Fiza Ahmed
mild on skin

brightens and reduces sun damage

Vasudha Pandit
Amazing product

I love this

mohini puri
Minty feeling

This product is amazing..gives a cool minty feeling

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