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Top 6 Anti-Ageing Skincare Ingredients

Whether you are 25 or 45, the best piece of skincare advice we can give you is adding anti-ageing ingredients in your daily routine. Irrespective of the prominence of fine lines on...

Whether you are 25 or 45, the best piece of skincare advice we can give you is adding anti-ageing ingredients in your daily routine. Irrespective of the prominence of fine lines on your face, it is important to start an anti-ageing skin care routine early on. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, hence anti-ageing ingredients are a must for your skincare diet. While we cannot stop your biological clock from ticking we can surely help you out look 20 even when you are 50. Read on to uncover the best anti-ageing ingredients the beauty world is currently raving about. 

  • Vitamin E

Also known as tocopherol, vitamin E is one of the potent anti-ageing ingredients in the skincare realm. A naturally occurring substance found in our skin, vitamin E is typically considered to be the skin’s first line of defense against premature ageing. One of the biggest concerns that tend to surface with mature skin is saggy under eyes and dark circles. To make sure these beauty woes do not plague your appearance, make sure to get your hands on our Illuminous Under Eye Gel For Dark Circles. With a heady blend of vitamin E, this under-eye serum improves the skin texture under your eyes and the adjoining areas and keeps blemishes, fine lines, and eye crinkles at bay.

  • Vitamin C

Antioxidants are touted as one of the best anti-ageing ingredients for skincare and *drumrolls* Vitamin C tops the list! Oxidative stress caused by radical sun damage can lead to premature signs of ageing like wrinkles and sagging skin arriving well before their due date. Thankfully, vitamin C works miraculously well to amp up your skin defense against such photodamage. If you are looking for a protective shield against sun damage, do try our Juicy De-Tan Vitamin C Face Cream. With vitamin C’s show-stopping presence, this glow-restoring face cream also contains hydrating shea butter and purifying amla extracts that help you VA VA vroom your way to radiance, minus the tan!

  • Retinol

A type of retinoid derived from topical vitamin A, retinol is an anti-ageing skincare superstar in its own right. Currently making waves in the beauty community, retinol is enjoying a dream run as the most favourite anti-ageing hero. Since vitamin A is replete with antioxidant properties, retinol can effectively tackle signs of fine lines and wrinkles and curb the appearance of new ones on your skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

A skincare staple of modern-day beauty care, hyaluronic acid has quickly become the blue-eyed boy of skincare. A humectant by nature, hyaluronic acid, found naturally in our bodies, aims at plumping up the skin by maximizing hydration. To give your skin a heady burst of hydration, try our Rice There Hydrating Face Serum. Packed with 2% hyaluronic acid and the K-beauty fave purple rice, this facial serum plumps up your skin texture and leaves a soft, supple, and goddess-like glow on your face. We might sound biased, but trust us when we say, this is absolutely THE best we ever treated our skin to. 

  • Niacinamide

You must have heard about niacinamide tackling acne concerns like a boss. But what if we tell you this acne-buster is also one of the best anti-ageing ingredients to stop fine lines and wrinkles right in their tracks? Yep, you heard that right! Niacinamide, a topical version of vitamin B3 is an active ingredient that promotes cell turnover to boost collagen production. With bolstered collagen levels, your skin is bound to end up looking firmer and brighter. If you are on the hunt for a niacinamide warrior to slay premature signs of ageing, turn to our Litt Up Ubtan Oil-Free Brightening Serum. Infused with famed ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric and aloe vera, this brightening serum zaps out dullness, wrinkles, and pigmentation to reward you with an enviable dewy glow.

  • Strawberry 

    Love strawberry smoothies, shakes, and gelatos? It’s time to treat your skin to it too! Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins C, B6, K, and E, strawberries can literally be your skin’s BFF. From handling wrinkles to improving skin elasticity and shielding skin from photodamage, you name it and this fruity marvel does it all. Confused about how to give your skin a taste of paradise with this? Try our Berry Bang Anti-Ageing Clay Mask! Enriched with strawberry extract and the antioxidant-rich cherry blossom oil, this kaolin clay-based face mask effectively exfoliates your skin to reveal radiance and shows blemished dull, and tired skin at the exit door!

    Tips To Keep In Mind For An Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

    • Never leave your home without sunscreen as sun damage aggravates ageing-related skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.
    • Use an under-eye cream or eye serum to keep the area firm and tight.
    • Never go to bed without removing your makeup.
    • Use hydrating skincare products since dry skin leads to premature ageing.

    These are some of the best anti-ageing ingredients you can ever get your hands on. Include them in your skincare routine and witness the difference.


    1. Which face wash is the best for ageing skin?
    2. Since mature skin tends to be drier and dehydrated, we recommend using gentle and mild facial cleansers to wash your face.
    3. How often should I exfoliate with fine lines and wrinkles?
    4. Exfoliation is a must for ageing skin. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate twice a week to promote collagen production that results in healthier and firmer skin.
    5. What other skincare ingredients can I use for my anti-ageing skincare routine?
    6. You can try peptides, tea extracts, hydroxy acids, and grape seed oil to tackle signs of ageing.


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