Never Say These Things to a Makeup Addict! Never!!

Makeup is the weakness of almost all the girls, whether they are teens or adults. It completes them, at least according to them. Some of them really take it to a completely different level. Not just obsession, but an addiction. They can skip their meals but won’t forget to apply the new shade twice before they step out of their house. If you have such makeup loving friends these are a few things you should never say to them. NEVER!!!

1. Do you REALLY need all of that makeup? Is this even a real question?

2. I’d never pay that much just for a lipstick! Tragic.

3. I/guys/girls actually prefer girls who wear less makeup. Um, OK?

4. You look so different with makeup! Well, I didn’t spend an hour perfecting my contour to look exactly the same!

5. You don’t even need to wear that much makeup — you’re so
pretty naturally. 
Thanks, but girls wear makeup because they *choose* to, not because they don’t think they’re pretty enough. RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

6. Why in the world do you have 10 different shades of red
Summer reds, fall reds, winter reds, blue-based reds, orange-based reds … DUH! real housewives rhoa phaedra parks mind your own business the real housewives of atlata GIF

7. I don’t get the eyebrow obsession. Like seriously??? obsessed GIF

8. I don’t wear makeup. 😐Your problem bruh! makeup GIF

9. I just don’t understand why you’re so worried about how you
 I’m not — I just really love makeup!

10. Who are you trying to look good for? Myself, BYE.

11. I don’t get why you need so many makeup brushes. Because one brush won’t do the job for this smoky eye.

12. It’s just lip gloss — calm down (whenever she loses her
favorite lip gloss). 

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