Never Repeat These Beauty Mistakes!!

You can enrich your beauty by avoiding certain beauty mistakes. You will find in this article some of the most common beauty mistakes, which you can easily avoid to look gorgeous and stunning.

1. Don’t Apply conditioner throughout your hair: Don’t apply conditioner in the same way, as you apply shampoo all over your hair. The hair closest to your scalp is the healthy new growth & they don’t need conditioning. Start applying conditioner from the middle of your hair, as they are older & need conditioning. If you apply from the roots, you will not only waste the product but also make your hair heavy and look greasy. This is a beauty mistake which women usually commit.

2. Don’t Apply foundation without waiting for the moisturizer to dry out and soak into skin: Wait for your moisturizer to dry out so that you can apply foundation to even out your skin tones. Do not try to cover everything to make it look like a mask.  Applying foundation without giving moisturizer time to dry out can cause blotchiness on your face and is a big beauty mistake. Use a light weight or tinted foundation.

3. Don’t Apply mascara on the lower lashes: If you apply on lower lashes, it can make crow’s feet and fine lines on your lower eyelids.

4. Do not neglect your neck: While applying foundation be careful to apply a little to your neck as well. Otherwise, you will make a beauty blunder and your face will look one color and neck a different shade. The skin on the neck is as sensitive as on your face and will age with sun exposure. So when you are applying sunscreen on your face, apply a little on your neck as well as chest.

5. Don’t Spray perfume after having dressed up: Perfumes are formulated to be applied to the skin and not fabric. If you apply on fabric, it will not only stain your clothes but will smell unpleasant as well. Better is that before you finish dressing up, lightly dab or spray it on your skin at your pulse points on wrists, the base of the throat, behind the earlobes or knees.

6. Don’t Neglect your Eyebrows: Keep a track on the entire shape of your eyebrows. With age, your eyebrows get thinner and faded. Keep your eyebrows in even shape and fill them in with a brow liner or brow mascara.

Caution: Don’t pluck your eyes too close to the mirror. Move closer to the mirror and tweeze few hairs and then step back to check the shape of your eyebrows. Repeat this process to give an even shape to your eyebrows.

7. Don’t Apply Eyeliner in hurry: Don’t attempt to use liquid without having a lot of practice. Till you practice it to use just the right way, use pencil eyeliner.

8. Don’t Use powder all over: It’s all right if you are dusting loose powder over your shiny spots (T-zone – forehead, and nose) to neutralize grease, but applying powder onto all over your face can emphasize your fine lines and spotlight your dry spots is a common beauty mistake which many women commit.

9. Lip liner and Lipstick together: It’s not always a good practice to wear one color of lip liner and another color of lipstick. This can be one of the most embarrassing beauty mistakes if the lipstick disappears but liner remains. Just imagine how you will look.

10. Overuse of medication on your acne or blemishes: The treatments you apply on your blemishes or acne contains acids and they penetrate your skin for hours after they are applied. So do not douse the affected area again & again to get treated faster. Overuse can lead to a burn out causing redness, peeling, and irritation. You must follow the directions on the package about how & how many times to use in a day.

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