Lipstick Application Mistakes Everyone Commits!

Don’t you want your lips to look luscious and enticing? Learn here how to properly apply lipstick. Women of all ages, be it elegant old ladies or young women or teenage girls, desire to apply their favorite lipstick colors on their lips to look sensual and glamorous.

How To Apply Long Lasting Lipstick Perfectly

In this article, Enn’s Closet will tell you how to apply lipstick perfectly, so as to avoid dull, matte looking lips, regardless of the size and shape of your lips.

1. First, apply all other makeup before you apply lip liner and lipstick.

2. Don’t play up all your face: Don’t be tempted to play up all features of your face. Play up the best feature of your face. If you like to play up your lips by applying dark color lipstick, then our advice is not to wear heavy eye makeup as well, as you can look clownish. On the other hand, if you are plying up the eyes, keep your mouth light with a gloss or light color lipstick.

3. What color lipstick: Following are the guidelines for choosing right color lipstick:

  • Dark Skinned: Consider using gold browns, cherry, reds, and nude pinks.
  • Moderate Skinned: Prefer muted colors (muted pinks and browns).
  • Pale Skinned: Consider light, glossy color lipsticks (baby pink and even reds).

But lipstick color and shade are more of a personal choice. You can go for any other color or shade as per your skin color and choice.

4. Lip liner:

  • Applying lip liner is optional. But it helps in giving you a neat shape. You can fill in your entire lips with lip liner to create a strong foundation to get a long lasting lipstick that blends well.
  • Avoid lip liners of too dark colors. Use a shade near to one or two shades darker than your lipstick color. If you are using a light lipstick, go for a nude liner.
  • Starting from the center of your upper lip draw an outline and then slowly move towards the outer corner. In a similar way, line the other side. While outlining, try to use the side of the pencil, instead of using the tip of the pencil to have a neat shape.
  • In case you have thin lips, you can draw outline a little outside of the edge to make your lips look plump and line within the edges to downplay if you have excessively plump lips.

5. Applying Lipstick:

  • After you have applied lip liner, consider applying a tiny bit of moisturizer on your lips. This will not only soften your lips but also make it easier for you to remove lipstick later if you want to.
  • To get an even color, you can dab a little powder or foundation on your lips. While applying lipstick, spread your lips and starting from the center of each lip work out slowly outwards to fill in the lipstick.
  • Blot with a tissue or back of your hand to remove any excess color and to even out the texture.
  • Consider applying a dab of gloss on top of your lipstick to add some extra shine and to make your lips look enticing and seductive. Apply a tiny bit to the center of your lower lip. Smack your lips together to spread the gloss.
  • If you have small lips, better avoid strong and dark lipstick colors, as these colors will make them look even smaller.

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