How to Apply Foundation Perfectly!

If you apply foundation in the right manner, you will have a long lasting foundation and your makeup will look better. On the other hand a mistake in applying foundation can make you look like a clown.

In this article brought to you by Enn’s Closet you will find the steps about how to properly apply foundation and have a long lasting foundation:

1. Before you start applying foundation, wash your hands and face with a face wash which suits your skin type. Also, consider using makeup brushes or sponges for applying foundation instead of applying foundation with fingers.

2. Apply a primer or a moisturizing sunscreen or a simple moisturizer depending upon your skin type and choice. We advise you to apply a primer if either it’s an evening time or if your skin is broken to get an even surface. For daytime, we recommend a sunscreen lotion. This process will make your skin hydrated and it will enable the foundation to blend better and you will also have a long-lasting foundation.

3. Leave the moisturizer, sunscreen or primer for two minutes to set in, before applying foundation. If you feel your skin looks greasy after this process, wipe out your face with a soft wet tissue.

4. If you have dark circles under your eyes or any blemishes on your face, consider applying concealer. Pat the concealer, never try to rub it. Always pat the concealer, working from the outside of the eye to the inside near the nose to avoid stretching of this delicate area.

5.  Apply the foundation using a foundation brush or makeup sponge or tips of your fingers. We recommend foundation brush. It soaks less of foundation and blends flawlessly.

6. Whatever tool you use, apply dots of foundation on the cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of your nose. Don’t apply foundation all over your face, just the spots as mentioned. The objective is to even out the skin tones and not apply an opaque mass. If it’s too much, you will look like a clown & if too less, you will look unpolished. Don’t apply to your neck. Apply it up to just under the jawline.

7.  Blend the dots together. Make it sure that there are no obvious lines near your hairline or jawline.

8.  Immediately after applying foundation, set the foundation with translucent loose powder. This will provide matte finish foundation and a natural look. There is no need to apply powder if your skin is dry.

9.   Look at the mirror closely to ensure that the foundation has blended well on your face.

10. If you want now you can apply any other makeup.

Follow the above-mentioned steps about how to apply foundation flawlessly and you will have a long lasting foundation without any  need to reapply it during the day

Natural Beauty Tips about how to apply foundation correctly:

(i) Do not apply foundation all over your face. You need to apply it only on the blotchy parts of your face, especially to set a tone of the skin around your eyes, nose and chin.

(ii) If you don’t want to apply foundation, the alternative is a tinted moisturizer. It works best on the dewy complexion.

(iii) If you use a sponge, wash it out properly otherwise it will start gathering bacteria.

(iv) If your skin is dry, you require a liquid foundation and if it’s oily, you require powder or mineral foundation.

(v) Go for a foundation tone that matches your face skin tone. The best place to test color is on your jawline and not inside of your wrist.

(vi) Avoid touching your face during the day, as you will put oil and dirt on your face that may lead to blemishes.

Follow above tips about how to properly apply foundation to even out your skin tone and have flawless skin on your face.

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